New Graduate Product Leadership Program

Clipboard Health

Clipboard Health

Posted on Saturday, April 1, 2023

About The Opportunity:

We’re looking for ambitious new and recent grads (May 2022 graduation and on) that are eager to launch their career at a fast growing, globally remote unicorn. The New Graduate Product Leadership Program is designed as an early career opportunity for individuals looking to skip a few rungs on the corporate ladder and progress more quickly than what is traditionally offered. If you have a high level of natural curiosity and ownership and a desire to make customers happy by digging into problems and delivering solutions this role is made for you.

Clipboard has a track record of taking early career individuals and catapulting them up the ranks within our company. Currently, we have individuals who are leading major pieces of our company (pricing the marketplace, marketplace reliability, new vertical expansion) and managing other members of the team despite being just a couple of years out of school. We have a track record of quick promotions and increasing scope early on in careers and we’re looking for the next batch of future leaders for our company.

You’ll start out by embedding within our operations team to surface product issues and to deliver solutions to customers. Excellence will be shown in solutions that address the specific named customer problem but also solve the problem for the dozens of other unnamed customers who are afflicted by the same issue.

From there, the opportunity is large; continue figuring out how we can improve the experience for our customers. The only limiter on your scope will be your own capacity and ability to write; you should expect a lot of operational freedom and high quality work will be rewarded with more scope.

This will report to a member of our Product Team. High performers within this program will have several doors open to them, including but not limited to Product Management, Strategy and Operations, Operations Leadership. We’ll reward high quality work quickly; we expect to promote people to other roles within months of starting in this program.

As mentioned, our culture is unique and we’ve had success with new grads rising into key leadership positions within months of graduating. I’d read the following docs from our team prior to applying: the Product Team Standards, Product Team Recruiting, and Product Team Structure. These documents will give you a sense of how we think and what we value. We also have more links about team and company culture on our candidate website.

Interview Process Overview:

  1. Case Study 1
  2. Case Interview + preliminary behavioral interview with a member of the Product Team

    1. We will always give you the chance to ask questions during this stage
  3. Case Study 2: Working Backwards Document Case

    1. This is based on a scenario within our marketplace
  4. Working Backwards Document Review with a member of the Product Team

  5. Meet with Head of Product or Head of Strategy and Operations (George Markoulakis or Wyatt Amaral)

  6. Meet with President / COO (Bo Lu)

In your first 30 days you’ll:

  • Talk to customers, understand their problems, and surface issues we weren’t devoting enough attention to
  • Embed within an operational team and solve customer problems
  • Write weekly write-ups and other documentation to keep others up to date with your work

In your first 90 days you’ll:

  • Write a project plan to solve a major issue affecting many customers
  • Broadcast the plan to relevant stakeholders, get their feedback, and adjust it
  • Execute on the plan and report findings to the executive team

You can’t be successful here if you:

  • Don’t enjoy talking to customers. We talk to our customers day in and day out. Our customer conversations are an integral part of how we make decisions.
  • Don’t enjoy writing. We write a lot, and we hold our writing to a high standard. If you aren’t comfortable being scrutinized on not only the content but the clarity of your writing week over week, our culture won’t be a good fit for you.
  • Expect to be told what to do. In your role you’ll be expected to actively seek out problems for customers and dig into any underlying issues. You will have to use your judgment to bring clarity to it.
  • Don’t like working with data or math. As a marketplace company, we have a highly quantitative culture. Our language is steeped in numbers.
  • Don’t want an intellectual challenge. The problems we face are novel and challenging, and we expect people to solve them quickly. If you aren’t looking for an intellectual challenge in your role, this won’t be a good fit.


  • Competitive compensation
  • Unlimited vacation
  • 100% remote


  • May 2022 or more recent undergraduate degree

For any questions please reach out to [email hidden].