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Other Engineering
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Monday, June 10, 2024

Hi! We’re looking for a founding engineer to join us at Greptile.

About Greptile:

Greptile is building an AI expert on any codebase, available as an API so teams can easily build powerful internal AI dev tools.

Devs can point Greptile to any GitHub/Gitlab repo, Greptile indexes it (self-updates on new commits) and lets you query it in natural language. Greptile uses a codebase-optimized version of RAG which mimics how human developers navigate codebases, resulting in much higher performance than naive RAG.

You can try our chat UI for free with 150+ OSS repos here.

Some examples of internal tools teams can/have built:

  1. Ticket Enricher: adds codebase context to the the repo including specific file paths to look at.
  2. Auto doc updater: writes a PR to update docs every time new code is pushed.
  3. PR review bot: reviews PRs and leaves comments with full codebase context.

See more.

We’re a team of 3 technical co-founders, based in San Francisco.


  • Strong programming skills, especially in TS/JS.
  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science
  • Work authorization in the US
  • Ability and willingness to relocating to work in-person in San Francisco.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • History of contributing to open source.
  • Passionate about developer tooling.
  • Ability to work relatively independently.
  • Strong side projects, ideally using LLMs.
  • Some DevOps experience, ideally with AWS.
  • Some LLM-Ops experience, working with VectorDBs/LLMs.

Tech stack:

Most of our codebase is in Typescript. Our backend infra is hosted on AWS, combination of ECS containers and Lambda functions + Postgres and DynamoDB for database. The frontend is NextJS.