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Boulder, CO, USA


DeepTech · Transportation


11-50 employees

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KSS is a cloud-based space mission analysis and flight operations platform. We believe that one does not need to spend a fortune in order to get access to high-fidelity space mission analysis, flight dynamics, and orbit determination capabilities. Our B2B SaaS business model with its pay-as-you-use service offerings allows satellite operators and educational institutions to access such capabilities at a fraction of the cost of legacy COTS software packages. Commercial space industry continues to grow exponentially due to advancements in smaller and less expensive spacecraft hardware and sensors, and easier access to orbit via numerous ridesharing options. To this day, however, high-fidelity flight dynamics software capability remains the monopoly of few corporations that charge a large amount of money for their COTS software packages. This can be a barrier of entry for a lot space companies. We intend to change this equation. KSS provides three main services; early mission analysis, flight operations support, and educational services. Each one will allow our customers to access high-end space mission analysis and simulation capability at a fraction of the cost of on-prem products. With highly customizable interface (frontend or APIs) our users will be able to select and use the particular capability that they need at that moment and only pay for that particular service. Our target customers are small satellite operators and educational institutions. Specifically, those groups that work in the space arena and need access to high fidelity mission analysis and flight operations capability, but do not have the capital to purchase expensive software packages. Furthermore, we are targeting universities with aerospace programs to integrate our platform into their routine curriculum in space engineering and astrodynamics. Our pay-as-you-use SaaS business model gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors. There does not exist a comprehensive space mission analysis platform that follows such a business model. With this model, we will be able to provide equivalent or better quality service to our customers at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, our scalable system architecture allows us to scale to customer needs with minimal additional cost, giving us the competitive advantage in a market that is growing exponentially.

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