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Software Engineering
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, December 29, 2023
Who we are

The problem: Every minute matters in fire response. As climate change amplifies the intensity of wildfires—with longer fire seasons, dryer fuels, and faster winds—new ignitions spread faster and put more communities at risk. Today, most wildfires are detected by bystanders and reported via 911, meaning it can take hours to detect a fire, verify its exact location and size, and dispatch first responders. Fire authorities need a faster way to detect, confirm, and pinpoint fires so that they can quickly respond—preventing small flare-ups from becoming devastating infernos.

About Pano: Pano is a venture-backed early-stage climate tech startup that is the leader in wildfire early detection, leveraging the latest advancements in IoT, AI, satellites, and SaaS software to deliver actionable intelligence to customers. Pano leverages mountaintop cameras and satellites to detect the first traces of smoke and put real-time fire images in the hands of asset owners and first responders to speed up containment. Pano is already partnering with major utilities, fire authorities, and government agencies in the USA and Australia. Recent media coverage includes being named one of the Top 10 most innovative companies in AI of 2023 by FastCompany and recipient of the Innovative Mobile Service and Application Award at Mobile World Congress through our partnership with T-Mobile.

Pano brings together a diverse team bridging frontline, wildland firefighting experience with best-in-class know-how in operations, logistics, artificial intelligence, and software. Our team is composed of experienced technology professionals from companies such as Apple, Cisco, Nest, DoorDash and Meta. Headquartered in San Francisco with an office and factory in the Mission District, our hybrid team works from locations around the world. Founded in mid-2020, we’ve raised over $40M from leading VC funds.

The Role

The Frontend Engineer will strategize, design, and execute the user interface and experience for a single-page application dedicated to early wildfire detection. Responsibilities include collaborating closely with the product team to enhance map functionality, enhancing our custom canvas video player, and extending React application functionality. The engineer will deliver thoroughly tested, accessible solutions while adhering to best practices and ensuring cross-device compatibility.

What You’ll Do

  • Feature Development: Lead the development of new features, ensuring they align with project goals and enhance overall functionality.
  • Code Maintenance: Maintain and enhance existing codebase to optimize extensibility and address evolving requirements.
  • Code Review: Conduct thorough code reviews, providing constructive feedback to maintain code quality and adherence to best practices.
  • Code Quality Advocate: Championing the creation of readable code with predictable patterns to enhance collaboration and maintainability. Prioritize code quality by emphasizing accessibility principles, incorporating security best practices, and writing testable code.
  • Best Practices Evolution: Actively contribute to evolving coding standards and best practices within the development team.
  • Technology Evaluation: Participate in evaluating new technologies and tools, ensuring the adoption of effective solutions that align with project needs.
  • Tech Debt Prioritization: Collaborate in prioritizing and addressing technical debt to maintain a healthy and sustainable codebase.
  • Legacy Application Management: Successfully navigate and contribute to our existing application, striking a balance between addressing technical debt and delivering new features.
  • Expert Debugging Skills: Possess strong debugging capabilities to identify and resolve issues promptly, ensuring the stability and reliability of React applications.
  • REST API Integration: Proficient in utilizing RESTful APIs to facilitate smooth communication between the frontend and backend of React applications.

What You’ll Bring

  • 3-6 years of Frontend Engineer Experience: Demonstrate a robust background in developing Frontend applications, showcasing proficiency and expertise in creating efficient and scalable solutions.
  • Technical Proficiency: Experience with the following technologies HTML, CSS, Typescript, React, React Testing Library, Jest, and a state management solution like Redux (we use Recoil). Bonus points for HTML Canvas, or Map Technologies.
  • Design System and Component Library Proficiency: Proven expertise in utilizing Design Systems like Material Design and component libraries such as Material-UI, showcasing efficiency and consistency in development processes.
  • Effective Communication: Ability to communicate efficiently within the team, sharing insights and updates, and collaborating effectively to achieve project goals.
  • Cross-functional Team Experience: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including QA, Product, and Backend, to plan and execute project initiatives.
  • Preference for someone in PST or MT time zone

$125,000 - $155,000 a year

Final salary offered is based upon multiple factors, including individual job-related qualifications, education, experience, knowledge, skills, and location. In addition to salary, this position is also eligible for stock options. We offer comprehensive health insurance, paid time off, and 401k.

Pano is an equal opportunity employer committed to recruiting and supporting our team-members regardless of where they come from. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.