Chief of Staff to Founder & CEO

Safari AI

Safari AI

People & HR, Operations
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Friday, March 22, 2024
About Safari AI
There are over a billion IP cameras installed around the world, and Safari AI's mission is to convert their video feeds in to mission-critical data, insights and real-time calls-to-action for their enterprise owners. Clients onboard their cameras to Safari AI's platform to get real-time, business-critical data like Throughput, Occupancy, Live Wait Time, Heatmapping Usage, and other metrics.
Safari AI's first vertical was serving the $64B global Theme Park industry, and is now serving 4 of the Top 10 global operators, including Merlin Entertainments (aka Legoland) and Herschend Family Entertainment; it expects to serve 7 of the top 10 by year-end. It's second vertical is the even-larger Live Sports Venues, where it is beginning to market its technology to stadiums and arenas struggling to understand which entrances, concessions, and retail outlets are operating inefficiently.
Safari AI was seed-funded with $8mm by venture capital firms General Catalyst and Initialized Capital (Garry Tan) and expects to raise its Series A in 2025.
Leadership & Culture
Safari AI is founded by a former Y Combinator founder with a meaningful exit under his belt. The company is headquartered in NYC where the Go To Market team is based and works from the office five days a week, while Engineering is distribute between North America and Brazil.
About You And How You Succeed At Safari AI
You're excited about building a product that hasn't been built before. You have a bias toward action when you are stuck but are not afraid to ask for help when you need to. You're eager to test new ways of doing things and can take advantage of the freedom an early stage startup can afford you. You are eager to engage not with enterprise clients and their customers on a daily basis.

About the Role

Safari AI is a first-of-its-kind computer vision AI platform that enables its enterprise clients to virtually share their IP video camera feed in order to measure the most important physical activity in their operations in real-time. The company is looking to double down on Founder/CEO-led growth and is now recruiting for a Chief of Staff to work side-by-side with the Founder & CEO in their midtown Manhattan office. You will partner with him and others to iterate and codify the Go to Market ("GTM") strategy, process, and overall GTM motion, resulting in higher conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, and higher impact per client. Ultimately, documenting and building out the GTM playbook will enable future team members to onboard faster and be more productive. After about 6 months, the role will include other responsibilities and somewhere between 12-18 months, this person will be asked which group at the company they would want to join or potentially lead, e.g. Sales, Operations, Technical Deployment, Client Success, Marketing, etc.

What you will be working on Weekly Basis

  • Collaborate with the Founder/CEO and deliver Safari AI’s products to the largest enterprises in the world, in a variety of industries
  • Prepare for, attend and follow up after every single sales meeting with the CEO and the Sales team
  • Develop GTM strategy and direction for how Safari AI engages prospective enterprises
  • Build out resources for efficiency and scale (pitch decks, prep docs, follow up emails, and more)
  • Own and strategically leverage internal organization tools, including CRM, project tracking and task management, to create scalable processes
  • Own the company's evolving Enterprise SaaS Pricing model and practices
  • Think creatively on how to assess & enhance the client's ability to use Safari AI-sourced data to produce a meaningful ROI
  • Draft and evaluate client's term sheets and contracts with the help of company counsel
  • Partner with other Safari AI teams (e.g. marketing, operations, and deployment) to improve our go-to-market narrative and motion
  • Develop technical demo's of the company's evolving product for prospective and existing clients so they can see the technology in action first-hand

Requirement for the Role

  • At least 2 years as an analyst or associate in management consulting, investment banking or another high performance/stakes environment
  • Strong track record of providing process improvements and documentation in regards to new company structure
  • Great communicator: both verbal and written
  • Desire to learn first hand from a Founder/CEO the in’s and out’s of running an entire GTM process with some of the largest enterprises in the world
  • Fast learner who’s not afraid about creating and deploying new strategy with minimal supervision
  • Expect the unexpected: you’ll adapt quickly and solve problems when things don’t go as planned
  • Collaborative and instinctive team player, able to take direction and work in a fast paced early-stage startup
  • Work in the NYC office 4+ days/week

Why bet on Computer Vision and Safari AI?
1. Huge industry hiding in plain sight: leveraging already-installed cameras to automate and real-time action on operational data
2. Large chasm between customer knowledge and market availability, i.e. customers don't know what is available in the market...yet.
3. No clear industry leader in computer vision; everyone is small and unbranded (i.e. no Amazon or Google in the room to compete with)
4. Very modular, allowing Safari AI and its customers to invent whole new use cases on a regular basis
5. Safari AI has developed the tech and data pipelines over three years and invested several million dollars and is now ready to scale
6. Safari AI is already the market leader in enterprise applications CV by working with industry leaders with billions in revenue