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Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

Customer Success Onboarding Manager

Remote (North America)

Customer Success Onboarding Manager

FUll timE|
Remote (North America)

Streak is a CRM built on Gmail. We’re a remote-first team of 35 people across North America. We’re growing, very profitable, and our customers love us. We’re currently in the ‘goldilocks’ zone with product market fit, real revenue, and a flat internal hierarchy. You’ll have ownership over the customer experience and see your/user feedback implemented quickly.

Streak has a strong book of small and medium size business users. We help setup CRM and business systems for teams without dedicated IT support. Often our users are migrating off of a spreadsheet or pen and paper and to a full CRM for the first time. We help new users implement Streak as well as ongoing best practice help via screenshare and email.

You will focus on the SMB vertical, owning both new implementations and one off best practice needs for existing users. This role is focused on implementation and best practice help rather than ongoing relationship management. Most of your screenshares will result in the user having their question or need addressed in that one time interaction. As the go to person for a significant segment of our user base, you can expect up to 8 thirty minute screenshares per day.

Your strengths

  1. Love to meet new people → you’ll be the face of Streak for most of our new teams.
  2. Like working face to face (screenshare) → you are energized by spending most of the day working live with other humans via screenshare
  3. A way with words → you know how to break down complicated software questions and explain them verbally or in writing
  4. Naturally curious → you excel at asking good questions to learn how different businesses work and what problems Streak needs to solve for our users
  5. Process-oriented → you’ll be working with many similar users at a similar time in their user journey. When you find a process that works, you think about how to make it more efficient.

Needed Skills:

Must have:

  • Excellent presentation and verbal skills
  • An interest in the details of how technology works
  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced remote-first culture
  • Ability to work US Central or Eastern business hours

Nice to have:

  • Have worked in SaaS before or experience explaining technology to other people
  • Located in US or Canada

Probably not a good fit if:

  • You don’t enjoy being on camera

How we work

When we said Streak is in the goldilocks zone, we meant it. Working at Streak means you’ll have resources to accomplish big goals.

When you feel ready, you’ll be given responsibility over the SMB accounts. Our team works with individual autonomy and minimal hand holding. You’ll be working on problems that are still at least partially unsolved and require novel approaches. Our team meets twice a week to share learnings and talk through where we are currently stuck.

More about Streak

Streak frees small and medium sized business users from switching between their email, where all their work actually gets done, and the tools they are forced to use to manage that work (like Salesforce). We recognize that sales, hiring, partnerships, fundraising all happens in your inbox - so we’re building a meta layer on top of email that lets your team push these processes forward.

Streak is a growing, but more importantly, profitable company. Because of this we have the best of both worlds - nimble enough to have growth opportunities like a startup. But we're not under the gun to raise a round in 9 months or die, so we can focus on building a foundation and a company that works for the long-term.

Join us

We hope the detail in this doc gave you a good sense of who we are and what we’re working on. Our goal was to make it an efficient use of your time. If you found yourself nodding along while reading, we’d love to hear from you.

The interview process is designed to mimc the expected real world working conditions, including asynchronous sections as well as working on real questions we’ve received in support.

The first step is to hit "Apply" above and introduce yourself!

New Vancouver Office!

Streak's first distributed engineering office


at Streak

Work with great people, solve hard problems for our customers

We’re committed to you

We are all about building a fantastic culture and a diverse team

Excellent benefits

More than just matching tech giants, we care about benefits that our team actually love

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